Created in 2018 by Laurent .A on the French Riviera (Nice, France), IKON is a design studio and a young brand specializing in the creation of decorative objects made with digital design and manufacturing tools.
IKON makes contemporary design objects affordable for everyone.
Pure and geometric lines are the symbols of our products.
It is a constant search for shapes and materials / colors in keeping with the times.


We make prints digitally with a high-quality "Giclée printing method" on thick and durable matte paper 189 g/m2, sourced from Japan. This printing method allows to save all colors, as well as guarantee the safety of the print for many years.
Prints are available in 3 different sizes :
B2 : 50x70cm / 20x28"
ARCH D : 61×91cm / 24x36"
B1 : 700x100cm / 28x40"
It can be hung on the wall, for example, framed, suspended or given as a gift.


After obtaining my Graphic Arts degree in 1996 in Nice (France), my hometown and some experience as an artistic director for communication agencies, i started freelancing and working for clients and brands around the world.

As a true design and graphic design enthusiast, I touch on everything : 2D/3D Graphics, Web Design, Motion Design, Fashion & Decoration.

Currently, i work as a freelance graphic/object designer and creates posters to discover new visual techniques and aesthetics.
Specialize in contemporary graphic art, often characterized by vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and playful compositions.

My work is a little jewel of harmony, each curve is perfectly thought out, each color chosen with elegance combined with a great creative culture and an graphic discipline.
I’m heavily influenced by the artists and artistic currents of the 50s to 70s. These influences have led me to create a unique style, a delightful blend of Bauhaus, pop psychedelism, and colorful constructivism. I like to reinterpret design in all it's forms.

I have a lot of creation that I would like to share with you. Hope you enjoy it !